Parmesana Imitation Parmesan

This is an imitation cheese product that is produced from hard cheese, modified starch, water, vegetable fat, emulsifying salt, lactic acid, preservative, salt and natural Parmesan flavour. The product is pasteurised and filled hot as a 10Kg block.




After 10 days the product is grated to produce a product that looks and tastes like natural Parmesan. This product has a 6 months shelf life and unlike natural Parmesan it doesn’t develop off flavours during shelf life. Grated hard cheese that is placed in small dishes on restaurant tables is all basically ‘give away’ and even if natural Parmesan is not used the alternative cheese products used will be three times the price of this excellent imitation cheese.

Available grated in:

Please note, for sales outside of Kwa-Zulu Natal, we insist upon full pallets for orders.

1kg bag
12kg box