Howda Gouda Ethekwini Cheese

I can’t believe it’s not Gouda…….it can only be Howda!


This is a superior quality processed Gouda cheese that is available in 2 Kg loaves. It is a pasteurised blend of quality Gouda cheese, butter and milk protein that may not be covered in red wax but where it may fall short in traditional appearance it certainly makes up for it in the delivery of a consistent taste and texture profile.

The shelf life of the 2Kg loaf is 12 months stored chilled between 2 to 5 C.

Available in 2Kg loaf format.

Loaves available in:

Please note, for sales outside of Kwa-Zulu Natal, we insist upon full pallets for orders.

2kg loaf
16kg box
800kg pallet
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