Napoli Mozzarella Ethekwini Cheese

Unfortunately, the only thing consistent about industrially manufactured Mozzarella in South Africa is its inconsistency. Receiving a grated, diced or block product that delivers the same performance from one delivery to the next is not only desirable but essential for the modern pizza industry. Product delivered to the market typically varies in age, melt performance, degree of burning and also significantly in price.

Napoli is a diced or grated Mozzarella product that is produced by blending two or more sources of Mozzarella of different age and performance profiles. In many ways this process can be compared to blended products such as blended Whiskey where flavour attributes are combined from different distilleries to produce an excellent product. eThekwini cheese has many different sources of supply of Mozzarella, including our own ‘in house’ Mozzarella, which enables us to use our experience and testing ability to select and blend these Mozzarella products to produce a consistent product with optimum performance in a wide range of Pizza ovens.

eThekwini cheese has three types of Pizza oven on site for daily testing of our products. We have the typical belt drive Lincoln Impinger oven, a wood fired oven and a conventional home type oven. Needless to say our staff never go hungry as a result of the typically 30 to 40 pizzas tested every day.

Mozzarella is quite simply a commodity product but that should not mean that consistent performance is an essential requirement. Napoli in diced or grated format is a frozen product with a 12 month shelf life. The excellent and consistent performance of this product is the same at day one and day 365.

Benefits of Napoli

  • Consistent excellent performance on pizzas and prepared meals.
  • 12 month shelf life when frozen.
  • No deterioration in performance during shelf life.
  • Available in 5mm diced format, grated or shredded (matchstick shape).
  • Packed in optimum sized 2Kg sealed bags.
Capri mozzarella ethekwini cheese

Available diced or grated in:

Please note, for sales outside of Kwa-Zulu Natal, we insist upon full pallets for orders.

2kg bag
12kg box