Mozzarella dates back to the 16th century when it was produced from water buffalo milk. Industrial Mozzarella is now made all over the world but mostly from cow’s milk and is a completely different product from the early product which was made from unpasteurised milk. The huge rise in the popularity of pizza sales has resulted in a significant increase in world production of Mozzarella which in many cases is failing to meet market requirements.

Capri is a grated or diced blend of 50% Mozzarella blended with 50% imitation Mozzarella and designed to produce the optimum performance in a wide range of pizza ovens from wood burning ovens to continuous gas or electric belt ovens. Natural industrial Mozzarella varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer and also within its own shelf life. The imitation Mozzarella developed by eThekwini Cheese is specifically designed and formulated to minimise typical defects in natural Mozzarella such as excessive burning and fat release in the pizza oven.

The blend of these two products produces a pizza with a much softer cheese mouthfeel on the pizza rather than the typically rubbery cheese layer that forms on a pizza after 5 minutes. This product attribute makes it especially attractive for ‘take away’ pizzas providing a more pleasant eating experience. Imitation Mozzarella is almost identical in nutritional composition to natural Mozzarella, the biggest difference being that some butterfat has been replaced with vegetable fat.

Capri represents both a significant product improvement over 100% Mozzarella and a significant cost saving in this highly competitive market.

Capri mozzarella ethekwini cheese

Available diced or grated in:

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